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Barns, Sheds and Pavilions

We are the Central Ohio dealer for Weaver Barns. We currently have 9 display models on our lot. The structures are open 24/7, and we encourage you to browse them anytime. 

Feel free to Visit the Weaver Barns website and see the full range of possibilities. Please note that due to the dealer program set­up by Weaver Barns, we are actually able to offer better pricing on barns & sheds within our local delivery area (30 miles) than what can be offered from the main factory lot in Sugarcreek. Enjoy browsing their website but be sure to see us at the lot in Dublin when you are ready to make your purchase!

We have the product catalog with pricelist available in the display buildings here in Dublin.  But if you prefer you can download a catalog and pricelist below - just note that this is a fairly large file. *Effective 8/15: Due to pandemic related shortages, a 12% price increase applies to the prices in this catalog.

  • Click Here to view the 2020 Weaver Barns Catalog with Pricing - Z4 (PDF file - 6.44MB).

Below you will find pictures, prices, and information about the current displays we have on our lot for 2020.

Some of these exact models are currently available for immediate purchase off the lot at the discounts indicated. If you wish to purchase one of these displays, just add the item to your cart and proceed with your checkout, we will contact you to verify, finalize, and process your order.  

But many other models or variations are available for ordering from the catalog. If you wish to order a shed or pavilion to be built please email [email protected]. Please indicate the model, size and specs you are interested in along with all your contact information (name, address, phone, email) and we will respond to begin your sales process.

All sheds do need to have site prep done ahead of time to make sure that the building is sitting level, will not settle and that good drainage is provided for. Site prep is the responsibility of the client and what is required will vary with each installation. We recommend that clients speak with Yoder Site Prep to get a quote for this work. Below you will find a link for their brochure with contact information as well as general pricing guidelines and options. Additionally, you will see a link for 5% Discount coupon should you decide to use them. You are certainly free to obtain site prep via any method you choose, we simply offer Yoder Site Prep as a reliable option.

  • Click Here to view the 2019/2020 Yoder Site Prep Brochure with Pricing (PDF file - 1.2MB).
  • Click Here to view the 2019/2020 Yoder Site Prep Discount Coupon (JPG file - 1.6MB).