CELEBRATING 33 YEARS!1989 - 2022

Weaver Vinyl Playsets

Our quality vinyl playsets are made in the heart of Amish country by Amish craftsmen. All structural members are pressure-treated wood covered with vinyl. High-density poly lumber is used on the decks, rails and trim. Our goal is to provide you with an environmentally safe, low-maintenance swing set. Visit the Weaver Playsets website for additional details.

Advantages of our Weaver Vinyl Playsets:

  • No Painting Or Staining
  • No Splinters
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Saves Time And Money By Not Having To Finish / Refinish - Just Power Wash To Maintain
  • All Hardware (Lags, Bolts, Screws) Are Stainless Steel
  • All Brackets And Pipe Rungs Are Powder Coated


  • Click Here to view the 2022 Weaver Playsets Pricelist.
  • Click Here to view the 2022 Weaver Playsets Catalog.
    Please note this is a large file.
  • Click Here to view the Installation Agreement & Warranty for Weaver Vinyl Playsets.



Below are the three current display models we have on the lot for 2020.  At this time, we are not selling these exact display models off the lot, but if you wish to purchase one of these models to be newly-built or any of the many other models or variations that are available for ordering from the catalog please email [email protected] . Please indicate the model # you are interested in along with all your contact information (name, address, phone, email) and we will respond to begin your sales process.  

Quality-built pressure-treated wood playsets are also available. Click here to see our Backyard Creations playsets for more information.