Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale (Orders) & Policies - Amish Country Furnishings

  1. No orders will be scheduled with our builders until we have received a 50% deposit.
  2. Interior furniture orders cancelled within 14 calendar days after the date of the order will receive a full refund of deposit.  Outdoor furniture orders cancelled within 3 calendar days of the date of the order will receive a full refund of deposit.  No refund of deposit will be made for orders cancelled after these specified periods.
  3. Any change to an interior furniture order (different wood, stain, or options) must be made within 14 calendar days of ordering.  Any change to an outdoor furniture order (size, color, or options) must be made within 3 calendar days of ordering.
  4. We cannot release furniture until final payment has been made.  For local deliveries our delivery drivers are equipped to accept final payment at your home at the time of delivery.  For shipped deliveries we will contact the client to collect the final payment once the furniture is ready to be released for shipping to the shipping agent.
  5. It is the customer’s responsibility to have an area cleared for the new piece(s), and to reload/hook-up any electronic components.  Also, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any furniture ordered will fit into the customer’s home or office.  This includes being able to fit through the doors, hallways, and up or down stairs.
  6. We accept no responsibility or liability for any customer dissatisfaction with his/her choice of stain, style, size, options, hardware, etc. of furniture built to fulfill an order.  These are solely your decisions, so choose carefully!
  7. We do accept responsibility for issues related to quality or workmanship.  We provide a one year warranty form the date of delivery or possession.  This is a repair or replace warranty at our option only and it does not allow for refunds.  Our warranty is not applicable to furniture that has been abused or misused by the customer.  Dissatisfaction with your choice of stain, style or options does not qualify an item for repair or replacement under our warranty (see 6, above).
  8. For full-priced items that were in-stock and purchased off the floor (i.e. not ordered to be built) - we do have a 30 day return policy.  Items must be in same condition (free of any damage) with receipt.  Please note that any items sold as “Sale” or that were discounted are sold “As is” and are non-returnable.
  9. “Estimated completion time” is just that, an estimate.  Although we strive to come as close as possible to these estimates, it is not a guarantee that the order will be completed within that time frame as there are many circumstances outside our control that can affect order completion time.
  10. Once an order has been completed and the customer has been notified of its availability, delivery, shipping or pickup of furniture must occur within 14 calendar days.  Furniture held beyond this time without prior agreement will be subject to a storage charge of $5.00 per day.
  11. All checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $20.00 Service Charge.
  12. You must be at your home during your scheduled delivery time in order to avoid a redelivery charge.
  13. The appearance of wood used to build your furniture may be different than that of the  wood used in the furniture observed on the showroom floor or on the website.  This is due to the natural characteristics of the wood and the hand-craftsmanship used to create each individual piece.  Hardwoods may contain mineral deposits, pits, gum streaks, small pin holes, knots, color difference, unusual grain patterns, darker heart wood. lighter sapwood, etc.  However, it is these attributes that are all a part of the beauty of hardwood furniture. If you have concerns about these natural wood characteristics, please address them with us prior to making your purchase.
  14. We make every effort to make sure that our website pricing is current and matches pricing information in the showroom.  However, due to the large volume of products on our website and increasingly volatile pricing there may occasionally be discrepancies or updates that have not been made to the website.  In the event of this occuring, it is our default policy that once discovered we will still give the client an opportunity to purchase the product at the original price seen on the website provided that they do it within 24 hours (or next business day) of the conversation identifying the discrepancy.  Once such a mistake has been identified we typically try to correct it quickly (i.e. 24 hrs, or next business day) and therefore we reserve the right to enforce the new/correct price once it has been corrected.