About the Furniture


The basic hardwoods we offer are Oak (both Regular-sawn Oak and Quarter-sawn Oak), Cherry, Walnut, Maple (both Hard Maple and Brown/Soft Maple), and Hickory. We also offer some limited Pine, Elm, and Figured Maples such as Curly or Tiger. Some items are not available in all species, so please inquire as to species availability on items of interest. All hardwood lumber used in our furniture is air-dried and kiln-dried to control moisture content. You will find very few places in our furniture where anything other than solid hardwood is used. The exceptions are usually the backs of the case goods and the bottoms of drawers, where plywood is used. The sides of drawers are frequently made from poplar, which is still a quality hardwood. Shelving or decking that is hidden behind doors or face-framing may sometimes be made from poplar or plywood.


We have a number of stains available for each of the hardwoods. We also have a variety of standard paint colors for paint grade woods like Brown Maple, Poplar, and Pine. Please refer to the color samples in this section under Woods & Stains. Many customers find it useful to bring in a door, drawer, or another piece of woodwork from home to use as a reference in the store when trying to choose a stain or paint.

If you are ordering online, please note that we cannot guarantee finish selections that are made online as there are many variables, such as monitor settings on your computer, that can affect how a digital sample appears. These online samples are meant for general reference only. When you place an order, you may request that 2 wood/finish samples be sent to you at no charge to help finalize your decision. Additional samples are available for a fee. There will be no guarantee on finish color representation when choices are made solely from our online samples.

The actual appearance of your furniture may vary due to many influences such as grain pattern and sun exposure. All woods change color with age, and customers choosing Cherry should be particularly aware that it will darken noticeably over time.

In addition to a stain or paint which provides the color, most pieces are finished with a catalyzed conversion varnish that sets up very hard and is water-, alcohol-, and heat-resistant. For example, you can set a glass of water on a table top and not have to worry that the condensation or "sweating" will leave a white ring on the table. All finishes are sprayed on to assure a smooth, even finish free of brush marks.

In the event that one of our many standard stains is not suitable, please inquire about custom finishing. For an additional charge, we will provide specialty stain and paint matching. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the specialty finishing options we provide such as distressing, hand-planing, glazing, and faux finishes.

Finally, we can also provide our furniture unfinished if needed. We would like to point out that it is extremely difficult for the average person to achieve the same result that our professional finishers using spray equipment can provide, however. Furthermore, since it is detrimental for assembled furniture to sit unfinished for any length of time before it is finished due to moisture absorption from the atmosphere, we do not extend our warranty to any items that are sold unfinished.


Prices listed will always include a wood knob, and certain lines may have several other choices of standard hardware. If you would like, we have thousands of other hardware options from which to choose, at an additional cost, or you may supply your own hardware. We have sample boards of hardware in our store as well as catalogs. If you are ordering online, we can direct you to online sources to view your hardware choices. (NOTE: some items may be shown with optional hardware, but the prices are for the item with standard hardware.)


All of the measurements given are at the widest points of the piece unless otherwise indicated. For example, an entertainment center's dimensions usually include the top cap and crown moldings.


All of our furniture is constructed using time-honored joinery and cabinetmaking techniques. Joinery methods employed are traditional: dovetail, mortise-and-tenon, double-blind dowel, half-lap, rabbet, dado, and mitre joints. The Amish craftsmen use a combination of hand tools and power-assisted tools. Most of the wood has been air dried and kiln dried to ensure ideal moisture content and minimum cracking.


The finish mentioned earlier makes all of our furniture very resistant to spills and mishaps. For everyday cleaning of tabletops, a damp cloth works well. Regular polishing with a polish that does not contain wax, silicone, solvents, or abrasives is recommended. Our product of choice is Guardsman®. Always apply your polish to the rag and not directly to the furniture and wipe in the direction of the grain. If your furniture is exposed to liquids, mop up the liquid with a cloth or sponge until the surface is dry. For small nicks and scratches, there are a number of home remedies that can be used for touch-ups, such as a child's crayon of the appropriate shade. (We knew "Burnt Umber" would come in handy someday!) There are also many "scratch covering" polishes and touch-up markers available at better hardware stores.

When placing your furniture, please do not place the pieces too close to a heat source such as a register. Exposing the wood to direct heat for extended periods can cause cracking or warping of the wood and can void your warranty. When moving furniture, always pick it up rather than dragging it. Dragging furniture stresses joints unnecessarily and may also void your warranty.

We feel it's important to mention that solid hardwood furniture is furniture that you can live with. It should be incorporated into your household and used just as vigorously as a favorite family room sofa. Any incidental scratches or nicks should not be cause for alarm but should serve to remind us that we buy furniture to be used, and with use comes a little wear and tear that gives a piece character and endears it to us. Using common sense can ensure your furniture wears beautifully for years to come. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to offer more suggestions on how to keep your furniture looking beautiful throughout the years.

Custom Work

We welcome your requests for modifications and changes to our standard items and will try to fulfill each request on a case-by-case basis where possible. We also offer truly one-of-a-kind custom furniture built to your specification, as well as mantles and fireplace surrounds and various built-ins such as those for offices, family/theatre rooms, and bathrooms.