Weaver Vinyl Playsets

Scroll down to see a sample of the vinyl playsets and pricing. Our quality vinyl playsets are made in the heart of Amish country by Amish craftsmen. All structural members are pressure-treated wood covered with vinyl. High-density poly lumber is used on the decks, rails and trim. Our goal is to provide you with an environmentally safe, low-maintenance swing set. Visit the Weaver Playsets website for additional details.

Advantages of our Weaver Vinyl Playsets:

  • No Painting Or Staining
  • No Splinters
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Saves Time And Money By Not Having To Finish / Refinish - Just Power Wash To Maintain
  • All Hardware (Lags, Bolts, Screws) Are Stainless Steel
  • All Brackets And Pipe Rungs Are Powder Coated
<! Click Here to view a 12 page color brochure for the Weaver Vinyl Playsets. Please note this is a large file.> Questions or need pricing? Just contact us via our website, via phone at (614) 791-8525 or (800) 803-1144
or visit the store with your request.


  • Click Here to view the Installation Agreement & Warranty for Weaver Vinyl Playsets.
  • Click Here to view the 2018 Weaver Playsets Pricelist (PDF file - 70.1 KB).
  • Click Here to view the 2018 Weaver Playsets Catalog (PDF file - 34 MB).
    Please note this is a large file.


Quality-built pressure-treated wood playsets are also available. Click here to see our Backyard Creations playsets for more information.

Our end-of-season sale on display models has begun - please see the individual notes on each playset for discounts and pricing. First-come, first-serve. We will make every attempt to update this site as sets sell but if you are questioning if a set is still available please just call or stop by the store.