FAQ's about our closure during the "Stay-at-Home" Order

Q.  Are you open during the "Stay-at-Home" order?
A.  Our online store at https://amishcountryfurnishings.com/ remains open 24/7.  Per the Ohio Department of Health's "Stay-at-Home" order our physical store is closed as a "non-essential" business effective Tuesday March 24 through Monday April 6th.  We will plan to reopen on Tuesday April 7th, pending a revision to the order.  For the health and safety of our employees, our clients and our community we intend to fully comply with all aspects of the order.
Q.  Do I have any options to still do business with you during the closure?
A.  Absolutely!  We have an excellent website (https://amishcountryfurnishings.com/) that is more than just a browsing site - our site displays prices and allows you to purchase over 5000 items via our secure shopping cart.  Whether ordering outdoor furniture for the warm days ahead or selecting hardwood and upholstered furniture for your interior spaces, our website is helpful, convenient and secure.  Plus, watch for various online specials during the closure.  If you have any questions while shopping online or don't see exactly what you are looking for or need a custom order, please email [email protected].  
Q.  I need to communicate with your store during this time - what is the best way to do so?
A.  We will be monitoring and available via a number of channels:
Email:  This will likely be the way we can most efficiently and quickly respond to you.  Send emails to [email protected]com
Phone - (614) 791-8525 - simply leave a message and we will return your call.  Typically within 24 hours, but perhaps up to 48 hours depending on the day (i.e. weekend)
Facebook Messenger or Post Reply - Initiate a message from our page at https://www.facebook.com/geitgeys/
Q. Will you be doing any deliveries during the "Stay-at-Home" order?
A.  No, we are not permitted to make deliveries during this time.  We will resume deliveries after April 7th, pending a revision to the order.
Q.  I have an order in progress with you - will it be delayed?
A.  Most likely, yes.  Our suppliers will be observing the same order which will of course impact their ability to manufacture your order under the original time estimate.  Once the order is lifted, production will continue.  In most cases, the newly anticipated completion time will be extended by whatever duration the shutdown has been. In essence, production will simply "pause" and then resume when possible.
Q.  Where is Tucker during the "Stay-at-Home" order?
A.  Tucker is home safe with his humans, practicing good paw washing, catching up on his napping and looking forward to the day when he can be with all of you once again in our store!