Custom Cabinets and Built-Ins: What we need so we can help

If you are ready to start exploring your project with us but are unsure how to proceed, let us make the following suggestions:

  1. Call 614-791-8525 or contact us to schedule an appointment with Rod Geitgey, our Cabinets & Built-ins Designer.
  2. Take some digital images of the area in question if possible and either bring them with you or email them in advance.
  3. Take rough dimensions of the areas in question and bring them with you to the appointment or email them in advance. Don't worry if they are not precise; they are for estimating purposes only. If we are contracted to do your job, we will take full responsibility for doing the field visits and take-offs for the specific dimensions.
  4. Gather any pictures you may have of ideas and cabinetry you like; these can be from shelter magazines, the web, Parade of Homes pictures, etc. The more ways you can help us define your tastes, the better.
  5. If you are trying to coordinate with some existing cabinetry or woodwork, a sample can be helpful so we can discuss the species of wood to be used, which is a determining factor in cost. These samples can include cabinet doors, drawers, pieces of trim (crown or base), or a shelf. Whatever is portable.

Armed with the above information we can help you to develop an estimate for your project and make sure that the final product exceeds all your expectations. Browse our galleries below for additional ideas!