American Made

Selling hardwood furniture comprises 90% or better of our business and we take a lot of pride in selling the work of American craftsmen. Since our inception Amish Country Furnishings has invested in our local economies by bringing to consumers furniture that is manufactured in Ohio and the Midwest by the Amish and Mennonite communities and produced from domestic hardwoods grown in sustainable forests in the US. It is estimated that since 1989 we have pumped over 20 million dollars into this local economy including the many woodworking shops that build our furniture and the countless cottage industries that support them.

Many companies as well as our government are finally realizing the damage that has been done by the rush to embrace imports and abandon domestic production. This is especially true of the mainstream furniture industry.

We have watched all this unfold for 27 years now and the funny thing is our customers have been telling us this whole time that our quality is so much better for the price than anything they can find elsewhere in the market – imported or domestic for that matter.

So whether you are shopping on our website or visiting our Dublin, Ohio store just keep in mind what we have known all along – sure it’s a global economy, but the grass looks pretty darn green right here on our side of the fence.